Road Atlanta in a S14 Powered E36 Touring Car

This past weekend I had the chance to drive an old touring car from Europe.  I am not 100% sure on the specific series the car ran in while in Europe but I can tell you this thing was a blast to drive.  It was an early 90s E36 BMW 2-door chassis with a 2.5L Gruppe A S14 stuffed under the hood with individual throttle bodies working with a slide type throttle linkage.  Along with the wild motor it had a sequential 6-speed transmission with gears so close it kept the car in a 1500 RPM  revband the whole time.  Coming out of turn 7 at Road Atlanta I was in 5th gear before the bridge and 6th shortly after.  Shifting this quick was similar to driving a big rig.


Overall this was a great experience and I am glad Drew Slayton gave me the opportunity.  Watch the video below to see our race during the BMWCCA 1.5 Hour enduro.  We qualified on the pole with a 1:32.85 on a set of scrubbed Yokohama slicks.  We started the race on a set of Nitto NT01s to ensure they would last the whole time and to not waste a good set of slicks for the sprint races the rest of the weekend.  Best I could manage on the NT01s was a 1:35.10.  We led the first half of the race until some trouble popped up about 35 minutes in.  Watch to find out what happened.



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