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Merry Christmas from BMW

BMW has created a very interesting Christmas card this year with the help of their new M5.  I think this might be a great idea to try in one of the BimmerWorld race cars at some point in time.     Resembles a friction circle!   httpvh:// From our friends at Bookmark on Delicious […]

BMW’s M3 DTM Unveiling

Touring car racing fans are eagerly anticipating the return of BMW to the DTM series. The Bavarian automaker last competed in DTM (or its progenitors, anyway) a whopping 18 years ago, but late last year announced it would return to the German touring car series in 2012. Now it has revealed the means to that end. Rather than field […]

Another day at the office for a F1 driver

Imagine the life. Infiniti and Red Bull ask you to do a little PR for them. This includes driving around a few of the cars on a track, taking questions from the reporters and big wigs in attendance, and just do what you do best. Only the interview takes place while you are driving and […]

Shell Ferrari Ad

A friend emailed me the link to Ferrari Shell ad today. I have received it before but every time I get it I can’t help but turn up the speakers and watch.  Listening to the different Ferrari V12s singing at full throttle blasts through some downtown streets is amazing.  Kind of like watching Ferris Bueller’s […]

Crazy LMS start to 2011

This is a crazy way to start the 2011 Season in the LMS.  I have seen some crazy pace car stunts but this one has to be one of the craziest.  Was it Audi trying to give their cars a rolling blocker at the start? httpv:// Bookmark on Delicious Digg this post Recommend on Facebook […]