4 Days in Alabama

And we are currently working on Day 2. Since I have been slacking on keeping up my posting for this blog I will try to do some more updates this weekend as we go. Today was a good day. It poured rain on us this morning and luckily there wasn’t a session planned for us then. The skies cleared close to our practice times and the sun came out. The track is still wet but there are spots on the track leaching water. Who knows how long it is going to take the track to dry out so we are trying to decide rain tires or our slick tires. Our decision was the slick tires as we thought the track would dry out in time to put down some good laps and fine tune our setup. Luck was with us as the track did dry out. Bill drove the whole session and did a great job. We got some data to help him get faster and some time between the sessions to review it.

Session two was even better. It seems Bill is becoming a king at looking at data and applying what he has learned. His fast lap leading up to this session was a 1:46.5xx and in only his second lap of the session he turned in a 1:44.5xx. This is a huge improvement in time in just one session and only from going over data on a computer. I am very impressed. This put him about 14th fastest in the session. I jumped in the car close to the end to feel out the setup some more and see what we could work on. Luckily the setup has been great right out the box so all we have really done is change some shock settings to get the car better. And these changes were spot on. James and I turned the exact same laptime at a 1:43.542. I think we have a set laptime we can do in the sessions. We have a great racecar!

Tomorrow Pictures and possibly a pitstop video to show you guys how much work we do on the weekends.

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