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Wild Ride Part 2

Yesterday I believe I left off reporting most of the test day and the practice day action. Today I thought I would start with what we did after our practice sessions to prepare for qualifying later that day. With a whole afternoon of time to waste on Friday Bill and I headed to different spots […]

That was a Wild Ride

The home race for BimmerWorld and I was this past weekend at VIR. VIR is mainly BimmerWorld’s home track since it is 2 hours away form them and 6 hours away from me. Even with the difference in distance to the track this is one that I have been to a lot over the years […]

Coaching with some cool equipment

This past weekend I went down to Sebring to coach a couple of guys from the Florida area in their Porsches. With any coaching assignment I take with a several pieces of electrical equipment that I know every airport scanner in the US has to think is some kind of bomb or conspiracy to commit […]

Lucky number 13!

Dave White has put BimmerWorld on the pole for the first time in the Continental Tire Challenge. Congrats to him for a job well done. It is amazing to see this happen because Dave was struggling all weekend to find the speed. He studied his data with James and they went over it time and […]

4 Days in Alabama

And we are currently working on Day 2. Since I have been slacking on keeping up my posting for this blog I will try to do some more updates this weekend as we go. Today was a good day. It poured rain on us this morning and luckily there wasn’t a session planned for us […]

New Site coming soon

We are working on getting a new website up and running soon.  Until we do follow along with me in my Continental Tire Challenge season here. Bookmark on Delicious Digg this post Recommend on Facebook share via Reddit Share with Stumblers Tweet about it Subscribe to the comments on this post